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Sales Tracker

Uncover competitors' product-level and store-level sales data and trends: from ordered items to revenue. 24/7.

Track Sales of Any Shopify Products and Stores

Track a Shopify store while having product-level and store-level sales data seamlessly. Uncover competitors' product-level and store-level sales data and trends: from total ordered items to revenue, of a single day or a period of time.

Product-Level Sales Insights

Easily find the store's top sellers. Know why a bestseller is the bestseller with must-have sales data, and dive into its sales graph.

Product-Level Sales Insights

View and Sort in a Sales Way

View and have basic sales data of the products immediately, or sort products by 7-day ordered items, revenue and price with just a few clicks.

Visualize Everything in a Graph

Track daily ups and downs easier than ever. Find connections between ordered items, revenue and price. Hover on a spot of the graph, and you can have daily sales data instantly.

Store-Level Sales Insights

SimplyTrends chase data and trends of the store you are tracking automatically, so that you can catch them effortlessly.

Store-Level Sales Insights

Total Ordered Items Over time

Know competitor's total orders of a periord of time after tracking it, and grab total units sold on a specific day.

Total Revenue Over Time

Enjoy smart and accurate product pricing tracking. SimplyTrends also tracks each product's price changes, and multiplied by corresponding order for accurate revenue of every single day.

Find, Analyze, and Track Competitors All in One Place

Discover, spy and track any Shopify store’s REAL TIME sales, ads, strategies, and more.

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