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Uncover accurate sales and revenue of any Shopify store

SimplyTrends "turns your business into a profit making machine"

Your competitors are using SimplyTrends to find the next product that makes them millions.

SimplyTrends "turns your business into a profit making machine"

Track rivals' actual top-selling products and sales to win the niche

No more guessing and wasting money testing the wrong products, copying products that work.

Track rivals' actual top-selling products and sales to win the niche

Get your competitor's accurate real-time revenue

Gain unparalleled competitive advantages and replicate their strategies to stay ahead of the customer demand curve.

Get your competitor's accurate real-time revenue

Insights for Any Shopify Store

SimplyTrends platform has all the tools and integrations you need for your ecommerce business to scale and succeed. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together.

Sales Tracker

Uncover your competitor's product-level and store-level sales and trends, from ordered items to revenue, 24/7.

Sales tracking

Competitor Finder

Find your competitors using the world's largest and freshest Shopify database with exhaustive search and filter features.

Search 2M Shopify stores

Shopify Store Insights

Discover your competitor's revenue, most profitable channels, ad copy and technologies, and replicate their strategies to boost your profits.

Ad campaigns & website traffic

Shopify apps & technology stack

Shopify Product Insights

Get critical insights of any Shopify product to avoid guessing, and copy the ones that work with our one-click export feature.

Last order time

Fulfillment & vendor

Ad Spy

Reveal your competitor's most profitable ad products every day.

Facebook ads library

TikTok ads library


Reverse image search for the best suppliers on all popular dropshipping supplier platforms.

Smart image crop

AliExpress, CJdropshipping, Alibaba, and more

Free Chrome Extension

All-in-one dropshipping and Shopify spy, inspector and parser to reveal all the secrets behind any Shopify store, free forever.

Insights for any Shopify store

Unlimited product CSV exports

Facebook ad finder

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“Absolutely brilliant! What you see from the outside of this app is just the surface of what it can actually do, but once you start getting into it, you start finding small things that are so cleverly simple but add such a great deal of value to its capabilities and how it can help you in some way.”

"This is a game changer in many ways! Augmenting existing analytics with competitor data - where has this been my whole life?"

“This tool could literally be the next AdSpy! Its literally amazing and can't wait to see how it grows!”

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Our mission is to empower e-commerce entrepreneurs to be successful by simplifying the information collection, analytics, and management process. We analyze billions of data points to help you stay informed of the latest information and trends you need to know, in the simplest way possible.

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