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5 Possible Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Sales

Sep 26, 2022 · 10 min read

It's one thing to lose sales due to a high product price, which can be easily fixed and lowered, and another to lack experience where you can't spot the issues in time, so now is the perfect time to fix the problems your store or ads may have.

Enjoy! Make sure to read this week's article completely so you can identify these problems early and address them immediately. We'll show you 5 potential reasons why you're not getting sales and how to fix them.

Choosing The Wrong Campaign Objective

Unfortunately, we can't turn back time, and since then Facebook has undergone quite a few changes. In the year 2015, people successfully launch Post Engagement campaigns and see consistent sales. They even edit good working adsets that bring sales and change the budget.

The Facebook algorithm now gives you exactly what you want: if you select a Post Engagement campaign, you'll get interactions like likes, shares, comments, and more; if you select a Traffic campaign, you'll get people to visit and check out your store; and so on.

Facebook knows who are more likely to just share the post and who will click it and perform the desired action you need. This doesn't mean you won't get sales or other actions on your website; it's still possible, but the chances are much lower than if you launched a Website Conversion campaign.

Examples include:

Ben, on the other hand, is a discreet shopper who simply clicks the link in an advertisement to make a purchase of what he needs, while Dan is the type of person who feels the need to "like" and "share" everything he likes, including advertisements. Ben and Dan are regular Facebook users who live in the USA and make good money, but while Dan prefers to save money rather than spend it online, Ben is an extreme shopaholic and spends a significant portion of his income on online purchases.

In this case, a Website Conversion campaign will draw Ben to our ad fairly quickly, whereas a Post Engagement campaign will draw Dan because he's more likely to share it on his timeline.

Ignore Product Selection

Although it certainly doesn't need to be stated, the success of your store will always be significantly influenced by the quality and attractiveness of your products. This is obvious, and the only thing you need to do is to find the right products.

It's important to monitor customer satisfaction in this situation. You must effectively utilize product research tools if you want to find products that are both in demand and profitable. SimplyTrends, a full-featured Shopify-focused product sourcing tool for e-commerce sellers, is what you can rely on in your product selection.

With SimplyTrends, you can discover new e-commerce opportunities for your business and find the hot-selling products in real-time by staying in the loop of the products that are actually selling across 1 million Shopify stores. With just one click, you will get access to accurate data such as prices, orders, ranks and revenues, and other details of products.

And the next step, pick out a winning product based on the real sales data and not just your intuition.

Contradicting Yourself

Instead, they ought to see "FREE SHIPPING" there as well. One of the best examples of this is when FREE SHIPPING is part of the deal but when transferred to the cart page, the default "taxes and shipping calculated at checkout" text appears. This is typically unintentional, but the potential customers who visit your store get confused and leave without buying.

One brief statement is all it takes to confuse some of them and make them unwilling to purchase. Even though the product description, announcement bar, and video ad all stated "FREE SHIPPING," some of your customers will still abandon the checkout process for this reason, which may come as a shock to you.

People tend to not edit the details for each product, so what happens is that the customer sees handling times 2 days, but when he reads product description, he sees 5 days. Another example is when it says the product will be shipped in 2 days but it actually takes 5 days.

You lose money because of these inconsistencies on your website.

Not Including Important Information About Your Product

A singing hamster toy needs three AAA batteries, and a portable hard drive needs a special USB cable to transfer files, just two examples of the products you try to sell that need unique parts, accessories, batteries, etc. to function properly.

The customer can read this information in a healthy store's description, usually after the "sales pitch" so that he doesn't have to scroll down too far to see the specifics. As a result, the customer gains confidence in the shop and is more likely to complete the checkout process.

At Ecomhunt, we review tens of thousands of stores, and this happens way too frequently. Unfortunately, on other stores, store owners forget to include these things in their description, which can immediately break the sale flow.

Make sure you don't forget anything crucial if dropshipping is something you're serious about.

Lack Of Trust In Your Store

This is why you should pay extra attention to make sure that every page on your store isn't half made. A well-designed store that loads quickly doesn't guarantee sales. A customer also needs to trust you in order to bring him to spend his money at your online store.

Trust Badges:

The customer is more likely to make a purchase from you if you display these badges on your product page, relieving them of security and other concerns. People visiting your store have no idea that it's hosted on a very secure shopping platform which is Shopify, so every product page must include at least one of the above trust badges.

Important Pages:

If you took the time to make sure your pages are legitimate-looking and addressed the majority of the questions your customer may have, then you won a new client; if you simply copied it verbatim from another store without checking or whipped it up in two minutes, then congrats—you just lost a client. You might be surprised to learn that some visitors spend time browsing all of your pages because they are unsure about your store and want to know who they are dealing with.

The following are some essential components that each page should have:

  1. About Us – A genuine page explaining about the people behind the store. Don’t be afraid to go personal here and even include your names or photos. Explain about your team and what are your hopes for the future. End it by saying some kind words to your visitors and that’s it.

  2. FAQs – A question – answer page. Provide answers to common questions every customers asks such as “Is this site legit?”, “Where are you located?”, “How much time does shipping take?” and so on. A customer who’s looking for some answers and gets them from this page is more likely to purchase from you. And it’s also a good way to get less support emails.

  3. Contact Us – A must have page on your website. Really simple to make by yourself or by installing a free app from the shopify app store. Make sure it’s simple and doesn’t require too much information in order to send a question.

  4. Why Choose Us? – Don’t be afraid to brag! Write about the number of happy customers your served, share customer photos & reviews and write about your vision. This page is here to increase your conversion rate so make sure it’s perfect.

  5. Shipping – Write your store’s average shipping time and make sure to let your customers know that sometimes it can take a bit longer especially in holiday seasons. But the products you sell are permium and it’s worth the wait!

  6. Returns&Refund Policy – This is mostly up to you to decide. Especially on the “money back” guarantees. Some people prefer writing 30 days or even less and some go for 60 or even more. But to be honest, this doesn’t really matter if you dropship regular products. In most cases, the customer won’t ask for any refund if everything’s ok and if he does, it’s better to give him that refund, lose a few bucks and not deal with any PayPal cases. And don’t forget to let them know that you ship to the address they provided and you are not responsible for any mistakes. If the product is on it’s way, it’s the customer’s problem. In this case, there won’t be any refund.

  7. Privacy Policy & Terms of Conditions – These can be automatically made inside Shopify and don’t require any changes. If you’re just starting out, go with Shopify's default.

To Sum It Up:

In order to maximize your chances of success, you must ensure that everything is perfect and that you didn't miss anything that could harm your conversion rate. Getting new customers is becoming increasingly difficult as a result of rising ad costs.

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