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How to find the bestseller product of any Shopify store?

May 18, 2022 · 6 min read

    Shopify is a wonderful platform for selling online. But what if you want to find the bestselling product of your competitor? How to do it?In this article, we are going to find out how to find bestsellers from Shopify stores. You can also use these tricks to find bestsellers in your own store or even the best of the bestselling products. 

    How to reveal the bestseller product of any Shopify store?

    The best-selling products of a store are often the most popular and profitable items. These items help generate sales and therefore revenue for the store.

    For example, if your store sells jewelry, and you discover that your best-selling product is a necklace, you can then use that knowledge to carry more necklaces in your inventory.

    Knowing which products are selling the most can also help you identify trends in customer behavior and preferences.

    Finding the best-selling products of any Shopify store is a straightforward task. You can simply copy the following URL to a Shopify store domain:


    But what if you want to know the bestselling product in the bestseller collection? There is no way to identify which one of the products in the collection got more sales using the method mentioned above.

    To make this task easier, Simplytrends has created a tool called Shopify Store Finder. It helps you find the best-selling product of any Shopify store within seconds. Also, it shows you the best of the bestsellers.

    Find the best of the bestselling products from other Shopify stores using SimplyTrends

    A simple way to find any Shopify store's best-selling product is to use SimplyTrends.

    Simplytrends is a powerful eCommerce marketing and product research tool that allows you to see the best-selling products from any Shopify store.

    This means that you can easily find out what other stores are selling, and what they are doing well. There are two ways to go with this; you could search for the bestseller of your competitors by domain. Or you could search for the bestseller within a specific niche by keywords.

    Here is how:

    Search for bestsellers by domain

    All you need to do is copy the URL of the store you want to search, paste it into Simplytrends and click ‘search’.

    You could enter your own store domain into the search box and then click "similar store" to search for your competitors.

    After you find the store you want to analyze, simply click on the product detail page. Then click on “Product" on the top navigation bar.

    Here you will get what you are looking for. We also ranked the bestseller Shopify products in terms of sales and revenue.

    Search for the bestsellers within your niche by keywords

    You could search for the bestselling product within your niche by entering niche-related keywords into the search bar.

    Select Search by Keyword then enters the keyword you want to search for. Take the "pet" niche as an example.

    You could find the top stores within your niche by adjusting the traffic volume and monthly revenue.

    Simply click on the store listing and explore its bestselling products.

    Now you have it. This feature not only helps you to find the top sellers within your niche but also discover the bestsellers of their store.

    How to use bestsellers for competitor research?

    Another, perhaps more common use case, for finding the best-selling product is for competitive research. In the long run, you are much better off cultivating your own store brand and product offering than trying to copy the competition in a race to the bottom. That being said, seeing what is popular in other stores can give you some ideas about what you'd like to sell within your store.

    If you're trying to outrun your competitor quickly, looking at the bestsellers for competitor research is a great starting point.

    Bestsellers can show you which products are selling well and which products you should start stocking.

    This is especially useful if you sell similar products to your competitors. You can find out which products they stock that are popular, how they price them, and whether any of their customers have left reviews.

    By looking at your competitors' bestsellers, you can also find out what type of marketing works for them. For example, if a certain product has had a lot of social media engagement (i.e., likes, shares, and comments), you may want to do the same for your own product in order to boost sales. Ecommerce competitor analysis is a must for anyone who wants to run a successful Shopify store in this country.


    As we said before, all Shopify stores include the option to organize their collections by best-selling products. Aside from that, Simplytrends may be used to discover the most popular Shopify item in any Shopify store. By locating the bestsellers, you can quickly identify which products are among the most popular among customers across all collections on any Shopify site. This also allows you to get product and marketing insights from competitors in your niche.

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