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How to Make Sales From Impulse Buyers

Sep 20, 2022 · 10 min read

Online store sales can soar when ecommerce business owners understand how to tap into the buying power of impulse customers. Knowing the different types of customers who visit your online store will help you tailor your marketing efforts to them, which will help you increase sales as an e-commerce entrepreneur.

We've written this article to outline how you can increase sales by making your store more appealing to impulse buyers and to show you how to market to this audience group. You'll have all the information you need to start increasing sales from your own store by the time you finish reading this article.

Let's begin.

What Is an Impulse Buyer?

An impulse buyer is a customer who buys products from your store on the spur of the moment. Impulse buyers only require a few touch points to complete a transaction, making them ideal for ecommerce business owners on a tight budget.

As an ecommerce business owner, you can use similar strategies for your own store. These items are strategically placed at the checkout — you're already about to make a purchase, so the supermarket can upsell you with some low-cost products. Increasing your revenue stream will be made easier as a result. If you've ever been in line at the grocery store to pay for your groceries and been tempted to buy some low-cost items at the checkout, like chewing gum or candy, then you've been an impulse buyer yourself.

Impulse Buyers are Valuable to Ecommerce Businesses

This also means that you'll see a high ROI (return on investment) from any marketing efforts that target impulse buyers as they'll likely make a purchase the first time that they view your online store. If you're just getting started with your online store and you're working with a tight budget, customers who fall into the category of impulse buyers are very valuable to you. If you target impulse buyers, you'll be able to generate revenue without needing to run extensive marketing campaigns.

Since they've already expressed interest in your store and your products, impulse buyers are also likely to convert from these email marketing campaigns. In addition to receiving money from impulse purchases that you can reinvest in marketing, you'll also get the contact information of the customer, which is helpful for e-commerce business owners. Since you'll have their email address, you can target your email marketing efforts at them based on what they bought, so if you ever have a sale or are introducing new products that are related to what they bought, you can send them an email to let them know.

Retargeting ads can help you accomplish your goals, whether you just want to promote your newest products or use them to get rid of surplus stock in your store. Retargeting ads have a high likelihood to convert and are generally inexpensive, so they're always a good idea. You can also retarget impulse buyers with your PPC advertising campaigns.

How to Optimize Your Store For Impulse Buyers?

Now that we've discussed the significance of impulse buyers for e-commerce businesses, it's time to explain how you can optimize your store to make more sales from impulse buys.

Alert your customers to limited stock: If you want to set up your online store to encourage impulse purchases, it's a great idea to mention limited stock on your product pages. This is a good strategy to use because FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a common problem among impulse buyers. By telling these customers that there is a limited supply of your products, you can play on their psychology and persuade them to make an impulse buy.

Calls to action are even more effective if the user has already been made aware that there is a limited supply of a particular product. For example, if they see that there is only one T-shirt left in their size, the call to action will aid in converting them. Include a call to action (CTA): Call to actions are great for all types of customers who visit your ecommerce store, but they resonate particularly with impulse buyers.

Impulsive shoppers are more likely to buy a product from your store that is on sale because they are attracted to the urgency of the product and are aware that the product won't be available at a discounted price for a long time. Launch flash sales: Impulse buyers love flash sales, especially if you're selling high-quality products at a low price point. If you launch flash sales for your e-commerce store, you'll have a great chance to make sales from impulse buyers.

However, this strategy is not suitable for all items. Before doing such pricing, it is a good idea to refer to some successful competitor pricing practices and sales activities. Some key data is often the most guarded secret of some businesses that succeed in attracting customers, but it's the most important thing you need to learn before you start your own business again.

Track all aspects of competitor behavior by SimplyTrends

Reason 1: It has something that other third-party tools can't do. It can follow the real-time data of competitors, store traffic, store product sales, store conversion rate, etc.

Reason 2: Choosing a good competitor is also very critical. From here you can find them with just keywords and domain searching, also predict the future trend of the store traffic. It avoids wasting your own time and effort to analyze it again.

Reason 3: You can clearly understand the pricing strategy of the store you want to refer to, which includes what grade of product corresponds to what kind of pricing, the update of pricing in different periods, what degree of discounting strategy has been done on goods in different periods and how much purchase volume has grown. So, locating a good competitor and then deciding on your own pricing strategy will greatly increase the probability that your store will be successful in attracting customers to spend money.

Marketing Tactics to Make Sales From Impulse Buyers

It's crucial that you are aware of the specific marketing strategies and methods that work best when you're attempting to attract impulse buyers because they will enable you to develop your store into a flourishing online enterprise. Unfortunately, it's typically a challenging task to draw the mass of traffic that a successful ecommerce business needs by simply launching your store, which is why you'll need to engage in marketing. As an ecommerce entrepreneur, it's important that you spend time marketing your store and its products.

Users cannot control which Facebook ads appear on their timeline when they log in, which may encourage impulsive shoppers to visit your store because they won't be expecting your ad. Facebook also makes it simple for business owners to retarget customers who made impulsive purchases. After running campaigns for a few days, you can review your statistics and identify the users who are most valuable to your company, then retarget those customers to close the deal. Facebook is one of the best PPC channels to use when you're targeting impulse buyers, so we advise you to use it to promote your store in order to generate sales from these types of customers.

Red conveys a sense of urgency for your audience, which is precisely what you're looking for when you're targeting impulse buyers, so it's a great idea to incorporate it into your Facebook ad designs whenever you can. Remember, it's a good idea to test out various different ad designs when you're running marketing campaigns — this will allow you to get a better sense of the messaging that resonates with your audience and mean that you won't be wasting money on ads that don't convert. Couple this design aspect with enticing, time-sensitive copy like "Hurry, whilst stock lasts," and you'll be able to persuade impulse buyers to purchase products from your store

A great way to encourage impulsive purchases is to make a sale seem urgent and time-sensitive. Many people think that a sale is simply used by entrepreneurs to get rid of unwanted inventory, but it can also be used as a way to grow your audience and earn repeat customers. We previously discussed product sales as a way to optimize your online store, but they can also be a great marketing tactic to make sales from impulse buyers.

Using Dropshipping for Impulse Buyers

These kinds of items, such as jewelry, apparel, accessories, and clothing, are ideal for impulse buyers. If you're using Shopify to run your dropshipping store, you can add inexpensive dropshipped goods to your store's inventory — this is perfect for luring impulse buyers.

Another advantage of Shopify dropshipping is that you won't ever have to worry about managing your store's inventory because you won't ever be stocking any of your products; instead, when a customer orders something from your store, it will be delivered directly from your suppliers warehouse to your customers door. Entrepreneurs in e-commerce should use this business strategy, called dropshipping.

Congratulations, you've learned everything there is to know about impulse buyers and how to successfully target them. If you have any additional questions about impulse buying or e-commerce in general, please leave a comment and we'll be happy to help.

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