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What is AliExpress dropshipping?

Sep 25, 2022 · 5 min read

Dropshipping isn't buying or selling inventory upfront.

Dropshipping isn’t buying or selling inventory upfront. Instead, you purchase the products from a third party, then have them shipped directly to your customer. The customer pays you directly through their credit card or Paypal account. This is a common business model for online retailers because it allows you to avoid having an inventory of products that take up space in your warehouse and may not be sold for months at a time. It also helps prevent any extra costs associated with storing and shipping those products yourself. However, there are some downsides as well:

  • You have less control over the quality of each product since they’re coming from other manufacturers (this can be good if you want more variety).

  • You won't know exactly when each product will arrive at its destination (but it's hard to predict anyway).

Dropshipping doesn't involve buying or storing stock.

When you dropship, you don't need to buy or store stock. You also don't need to worry about shipping the products and handling returns. Dropshipping only requires a few simple steps:

  • List items on your website (AliExpress will do this for you).

  • Get paid when a customer buys an item from your site.

  • Ship the product directly from AliExpress to the customer (typically via airmail).

It's not a scam - it just has a bad reputation because some sellers operate unsustainably.

I can understand why people might think that AliExpress dropshipping is a scam. After all, it’s a business model that has been abused by unethical sellers to rip off customers and get away with it. But there are many ethical sellers who operate their businesses in a sustainable way, and they provide great opportunities for new dropshippers like you. It’s important to understand that not all dropshipping businesses are scams; the only reason this model has such a bad reputation is because of those unethical few who attempt to make money without doing any work at all!

In dropshipping, a retailer make an online sale instead of touching the products they sell. 

Dropshipping is a method of retailing in which a retailer never has to touch the products they sell. Instead, a dropshipper makes an online sale and passes the order to a third-party wholesaler who fulfills the order by shipping it directly to the customer.

Here are some advantages of dropshipping:

  • You don’t need to buy any inventory upfront—you only pay for products when you sell them. This helps you avoid tying up capital in inventory that may not be sold quickly enough, or at all. In fact, AliExpress recommends choosing items that will sell quickly so they can be replaced with new items easily if they don't sell well enough initially. You can also avoid paying high storage fees if your items don't move fast enough!

Dropshipping is generally easier and cheaper than other forms of ecommerce.

Dropshipping is generally easier and cheaper than other forms of ecommerce. You don't have to buy or store inventory, which can be a huge expense for new sellers. You also won't have to deal with shipping, which can be a hassle if you're not familiar with how it works. All the products you sell are shipped directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler directly to your customers—you simply provide the tracking information that shows each step of the process from order placement to delivery. Many drop shippers will also provide customer service support so that all you need do is fulfill orders and collect payment! Drop shipping is an attractive option because it allows you to get started without requiring much investment on your part: all major ecommerce platforms offer free or low-cost plans that let anyone sign up for an account quickly and easily."

Dropshipping is a very simple way to start your own ecommerce business.

Dropshipping is a simple business model that allows you to start an online store with little money, and it’s also much less risky than other ecommerce models. The process is so simple that I can sum it up in five steps:

  • Find products on Aliexpress

  • Place orders on Aliexpress (usually at wholesale prices)

  • Send the orders to your customers through your own website or social media channels

  • Collect payment from customers (this is where you make money)

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